Primary Care

Primary Care & Adolescent Health in Mesa, AZ

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Primary Care services offered in Mesa, AZ

Everyone deserves access to excellent primary care services, which is why Diana Noriega, FNP, shaped her practice at GP Family Care Mesa to be accessible and affordable for residents of Mesa, Arizona. When you’re ready to explore all that primary care has to offer, booking a visit online or by phone is fast and easy.  

What is primary care?

Primary care is the starting point for comprehensive health services. Finding a great primary care provider will serve your current and long-term health well. 

At GP Family Care Mesa, Diana gets to know you and your unique health needs. This personalized approach allows her to shape a health care plan designed just for you. 

Whether you are in excellent health and want to maintain that status or you’re living with numerous chronic diseases and hoping to improve your quality of life, primary care is the right setting. 

What kinds of services are available under primary care?

Preventive medicine is the central focus within primary care. Annual physical exams and lab testing provide insight into how your body is working and offer the chance to detect signs of concerns. Early detection is key to successfully treating numerous health issues.

In-depth lab results guide your primary care. Diana uses the information gleaned from in-house lab testing to shape a customized treatment plan. 

When a problem arises, Diana is here to provide prompt acute care treatment. Often called sick visits, acute care appointments help determine the source of your symptoms and get you on a path toward lasting relief. 

If you have one or more chronic health issues, chronic disease management is an outstanding method of managing your condition and working toward improvements. Diana offers medication management and guidance on lifestyle modifications that can help you live your best possible life.  

What if I need to see a specialist along with my primary care?

You may occasionally need to work with a specialist. In those instances, Diana can help you find the right practitioner for your needs. She remains in close contact with your extended health team as you move through specialized care, and she ensures continuity of care once your treatment is complete.

Specialized treatment is sometimes needed for advanced men’s and women’s health issues. Cancer care is another area where a specialist is necessary. If you need surgical intervention, Diana can help you find a practice that offers top-quality treatment and follow-up care.  

If you’d like to learn more about the primary care services available at GP Family Care Mesa, call today to speak with a friendly member of the administrative team. Online booking is also an option and is available any time of day or night.